Help Your Britain campaign puts charity Shooting Star CHASE in the limelight

The UK is currently home to over 187,000 registered charities, each providing countless hours of service and aid to members of the British public across the country. However, with so many inspirational stories to tell, it’s easy for the smaller of these voices to get lost in the crowd, often leaving the most brilliant organisations under-resourced and without the recognition they so rightly deserve.

Since 2011, we at Bing have made it our mission to help draw attention to these voices, by showcasing them on our UK homepage and by highlighting the fantastic achievements of these organisations to the British public.

Today, the spotlight falls on the great work of Shooting Star CHASE, a local children’s hospice charity caring for over 600 families living in West London, Surrey and West Sussex. Shooting Star CHASE aim to make every day count for children and teenagers with life-limiting conditions, and their families. Available 365 days a year, families receive support free of charge, in their own homes and communities and at its two children’s hospices.

Shooting Star CHASE is built on the values of always putting families first, offering flexible and safe care and making the most of every penny donated by its supporters.

Through its Help Your Britain campaign Bing will continue bringing amazing charities such as Shooting Star CHASE the attention they deserve, but aren’t getting the recognition they need to provide the inspiring levels of service and dedication they do every day.

Head over to the Help Your Britain web page to find out more.

Shooting Star CHASE
Shooting Star CHASE

December 18, 2013