Popping the question: What IS the future of music?

As Madonna once pointed out, music makes the people come together – and that was certainly the case when some of the great and the good of the UK music industry met in central London to discuss the future of music.

It wasn’t so much a case of who is the next Beyonce, but rather HOW will the next Beyonce make her music? And for the fans, how exactly will they access it?

The discussion was alive among our industry heavy-hitters, with Paul Pacifico, Featured Artist Coalition Board Member sharing that ‘At this point in time, what’s very interesting is that the advances in technology are changing the ways in which musicians create and actually make their music. Now it’s actually the tools in their hands for producing what’s in their head, and allowing that to come into reality.’


What is the future of music?
What is the future of music?

June 17, 2014
The music industry discusses at the Microsoft Apartment


On being able to make music from your personal tech, Microsoft’s Ian Moulster made the point that There’s a massive, massive number of programmes that run on the Windows platform, all the way up to the really high production level, like Cubase, which allow you to effectively create and produce your own music at home.

Watch the video to get the full story, and hear how the musical landscape is set to change for all of us forever… (link)