“Beam me up” – Microsoft’s Cortana goes Klingon as alien invaders descend on London

From the 3-5 October, Klingons, Vulcans and Romulans descended on London to attend Destination Star Trek – the largest convention of its kind.

In honour of the event, Microsoft boldly went where they had never gone before, and showcased Microsoft’s first truly ‘personal’ digital assistant, Cortana, at the event.

Klingons at The Star Trek Conference
Klingons at The Star Trek Conference

October 07, 2014

Cortana excited Trekkers and aliens alike by revealing a series of fun phrases, on the newly launched Nokia Lumia 830. For a bit of Trekker fun, you can download 8.1 on your Windows Phone device, say the below and see what happens…

1.      Speak Klingon

3.      Engage / Cortana engage

4.      Do you know commander data ?

6.      Number One

7.      Set phasers to Stun

8.      Star Trek or Star wars

9.      How far away is planet Vulcan?

10.   Beam me up

Cortana is Microsoft’s first truly ‘personal’ digital assistant. Klingons
Cortana is Microsoft’s first truly ‘personal’ digital assistant

October 07, 2014

Don’t have Windows Phone 8.1 yet – no worries, you can get it in “warp speed” by visiting http://windows.microsoft.com/en-gb/windows-8/cortana.

Cortana, powered by Bing, not only plays with you, she answers day-to-day search queries and is highly customised to you and your everyday needs, including the ability to speak Klingon (when the opportunity arises).

Just like a real-life PA, Cortana keeps her own Notebook, a place where she can reference and use key information to learn more about you over time – from reminding you to wish Spock a Happy Birthday when he calls – to your frequent commutes (be it galactic or not).

Tailored to the UK (with an accent and personality to match) Cortana also offers localised data on all manner of topics, utilising the full power of Bing; including commuter conditions and weather – so the next trip on the Enterprise won’t be a bumpy one.