The next Richard Branson?

Touted as the next Richard Branson, Jamal Edwards is one of the UK’s young entrepreneurial stars. Aged 15 he set up SB:TV with just a handycam and YouTube account. Focusing mainly on music and youth culture SB:TV brought to life a part of young British culture not often seen on mainstream TV. Jamal took grassroots creativity from London’s music and lifestyle scenes and delivered this to a global audience via the internet. Fast forward 8 years and Jamal’s channel is now Britain’s leading youth channel with over 5 million views a month. His content is still grounded in the lifestyle of 13-34year olds in cities across the global – from the music they love to the personalities that inspire them. At only 24, Jamal encourages his viewers to be inspired and adopt #Self-belief to achieve their dreams. This thought comes across in many of the videos broadcast on SB:TV.

As a business leader of the future, Jamal Edwards was invited to Future Decoded earlier this week, and had exclusive green room access to some of the world’s most influential thinkers. Speaking from his own experience as an entrepreneur, Jamal speaks with Sir Bob Geldof and Sir Martin Sorrel about the impact of technology and what it takes to make it in business. Here is what they had to say.