Are you ready to #Do1MoreThing for Safer Internet Day 2015?

The Internet is ubiquitous in young people’s day to day lives. Whether it be research for a school project, talking to friends on Skype, listening to music, the web enhances the things young people need to do and allows them to actively pursue things they want to do. Young people learn best from each other and are on the front line as technology develops. Our job is to listen their needs and to make sure we equip them with the knowledge to navigate the online world safely.

Today, on Safer Internet Day, we have the opportunity to help educate, engage and inspire young people to better protect themselves and others online –all rooted firmly in the spirit of the Safer Internet Day 2015 theme: “Let’s create a better Internet together.”

Microsoft hosted the annual Safer Internet Day event at our Cardinal Place offices in London today, the fourth consecutive year the company has been a supporter. The event, coordinated by The Safer Internet Centre, saw schoolchildren from across the UK come together with key industry decision makers and government Ministers. We were joined by Ed Vaizey, Minister of State for Culture, Media and Sport, Molly and Harvey from CBBC’s Friday Download, Childnet, NSPCC, Facebook, Twitter, Google amongst other industry heavyweights, for the launch of #Up2Us, a new film made by over 150 schoolchildren about their online experiences, both good and bad, with the aim of inspiring young people across the UK to do something kind online this Safer Internet Day.


Hugh Milward, Director of Corporate Affairs, Microsoft, talking about Safer Internet Day

Hugh Milward, Director of Corporate Affairs, Microsoft

Molly and Harvey from CBBC’s Friday Download, joined by Will Gardner, Director of the Safer Internet Centre, CEO of Childnet for the youth panel

Molly and Harvey from CBBC’s Friday Download, joined by Will Gardner, Director of the Safer Internet Centre, CEO of Childnet for the youth panel

One year ago today, Microsoft asked people across the globe to #Do1Thing to stay safer and more secure online by taking what may have been a first step toward safeguarding their digital lifestyles. To mark Safer Internet Day 2015, we want everyone to add to last year’s pledges and #Do1MoreThing to become cyber savvy. In addition, we’re launching new interactive resources for young people on the Microsoft YouthSpark Hub to further encourage safer online habits and practices. The hope is that each person’s one (more) thing will become a long-lasting best practice that will be shared with others and, in turn, lead to an ever-increasing number of safer online behaviours. Research shows that peer-to-peer sharing can help to create safer online experiences for every individual and a more secure online world for all.


Some of last year’s most popular “1 Thing” pledges included:

  • Always using a four-digit PIN code to lock mobile devices
  • Promises to convert to and use “strong” passwords for all devices and accounts
  • Trying to refrain from constant phone-checking and instead “be present” in personal interactions

Building on last year, Microsoft is asking people to share ideas on steps they will take to be safer online by:

  • Sharing your pledge @MicrosoftUK via the #Do1MoreThing hashtag
  • Sharing your safer online best practice pledge with at least two friends and one family member
  • Visit the new interactive resource centre on the Microsoft YouthSparkHub to learn more about safer online habits and practices

For more information on our work in Internet safety, visit our Safety and Security Centre and to learn the steps you can be taking to help keep your family safer online, please visit: