The Voice UK: Bing calls Clark, Autumn, Lucy and Sasha for elimination

Bing Predicts is turning its attention to The Voice this week – who will likely be voted off between now and the grand final?  Using its combination of search and social sentiment analysis, Bing is predicting eliminations for all the judges’ teams and is calling Clark, Autumn, Lucy and Sasha to leave the competition.
This Saturday sees the first Live Quarter Final of BBC’s The Voice and the first time the contestants will be subject to a public vote.  Each of the judges have gone through their battle rounds and faced the hard decisions of who to lose and who to steal and now it’s up to the Great British Public to decide who goes home.
Searching for the ‘The Voice’ at presents real-time predictions for the knockout stages of the talent show.
After successful predictions in the US already for The Voice and Dancing with the Stars, plus the Scottish Referendum, Premier League, the Oscars and Cricket World Cup in the UK, the game is on to see how it does with the hit BBC TV show.
Share the predictions and see if your friends agree with Bing Predicts’ forecast?
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