Euro-eka! Bing Correctly Predicts a Eurovision Victory for Sweden

True to form it was another poor performance for the UK as Bing correctly predicted that this year’s entrant, Electro Velvet, had just a 0.1% chance of bringing home the trophy. At least it wasn’t nil points again though, hey?
Through a combination of the social media sentiment of every country involved (including Australia!) and historical voting patterns from years gone by, this year Bing predicted each competing nation’s chances of winning Eurovision.


Our initial prediction was for an Italian victory, but after a change in social sentiment from May 18th set our predictions to Sweden, Team Bing were on the edge of our seats during last Saturday’s final as the votes from several million people across 40 countries came trickling in – and we got it right! What’s more, not only did we predict the overall winner, but we accurately predicted 4 out of the top 5 places. All in all not a bad night for Bing Predicts.
Microsoft teamed up with the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) as its official technology partner to develop the official Eurovision Song Contest App. To see the final Eurovision table in full, just ask Cortana. You can also search ‘Eurovision’ at