This month’s latest and greatest apps for Microsoft Lumia Phones

This month we’re bringing you some of the latest and greatest games to hit Microsoft Lumia Phones, and the ultimate apps for TV addicts.

From the original and unique ‘Prune’, cartoon pirate fun with Munchausen and the return of Tiny Troopers, there’s plenty to keep gamers entertained this December.  And, with Christmas Party season now well and truly upon us, the latest TV streaming apps for Windows Phone mean you won’t miss out on your favourite shows.

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Prune (£3.09)

One of the most original and beautiful games of 2015, Prune invites you to cultivate a tree to full height.Even if you’re not a hardened gamer, the Japanese-inspired graphics and gorgeous soundtrack will have you transfixed – offering a challenge that will suck you in!


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The Surprising Adventures of Munchausen (£2.29)

Through a series of fiendish mini-games and challenging brain-teasers, your quest is to help the hero Munchausen and save the princess of a faraway fairytale Kingdom.

With fun cartoon visuals and hilarious interactions with other characters, The Surprising Adventures of Munchausen will delight children and adults alike – transporting gamers to a fantastical land of chivalry and capers.


Pirates of Everseas (FREE)

Put your decision-making skills and pirate mettle to the test in a bid to conquer the high seas!

In this real-time strategy game, your mission is to rule untamed waters by developing a city, constructing ships, exploring the open oceans and battling enemies. Players can develop an unstoppable navy through customisable pirate ships, built with the plundered resources of rival captains.


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Tiny Troopers 2: Special Ops (FREE)

Tiny Troopers are back, and better than ever! Decked out in new uniforms and sporting the latest in military hardware, the troopers are just itching to get back into the fight. Test your mettle and lead your troopers to victory in three thrilling special operations.

Use touch controls to move your squad, unleash a hail of bullets and decimate the enemy ranks with rockets and air strikes in this wildly entertaining strategy game.

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BBC Store (FREE)

BBC Store brings you the largest collection of BBC programmes ever, from the latest shows to classic titles from the BBC archive, including some that have never been available to buy before. Get the free BBC Store app to stream and download programmes you’ve bought from BBC Store, to enjoy at home or on the go.

So, as the nights get darker and colder, here are the best Microsoft Lumia Phone apps to keep you entertained during the festive holidays.