Danish singer Mo working on Microsoft Surface laptop

Become part of a world of creativity with MØxSurface

Singer MØ has launched a global campaign with Microsoft Surface to showcase the creativity of her fans.

The Danish star – best known for her collaboration with Major Lazer on the most streamed song on Spotify, “Lean on” – has asked her followers to share their thoughts and artwork online before turning their efforts into a physical magazine.



The initiative, called MØxSurface, is calling on the singer’s fans to share their art, stories, poems and images with people across the world on a dedicated OneNote. Using this platform, MØ has been able to interact with her followers, comment and collaborate on their work, and even set regular challenges to keep them inspired.

“My fans are awesome. They are creative and talented, and what they’ve shared in my digital notebook is so inspirational! When I was younger, I was super into the zine culture. It is so cool to be able to collaborate with fans from all over the world on this project. This zine is mixing the scissors/paper generation with the copy/paste generation, and I’m so excited to see what we can make together!” says MØ about the co-creation.

Following a steady flow of contributions from fans across the world, MØ is calling for more submissions and has announced that she will be using Surface Pro 4 and the content uploaded by fans to OneNote to curate a fanzine. The fanzine will be co-authored by MØ and her fans, and will be released this summer.

The online fanzine will be set around three themes – The Sea, The Woods and Youth.

Check out some of their work here:

The Sea:

MO Thre Sea2

MO Thre Sea1


The Woods:

MO Thre Woods 2

MO Thre Woods 1


MO Youth 1

MO Youth 2

MO Youth 3

Fanzines are usually home-produced magazine published by fans, created for other fans. However, in this case, MØ will be holding online editorial meetings with her followers to create physical magazines that will be handed to fans at selected shows.

MØ’s fanzine will launch this summer. If you want to get involved, just open OneNote on any device and start getting creative:

How to get involved:

  • Log into your Microsoft account and open the MOxSurface OneNote fanzine
  • Browse the contributions and themes for inspiration
  • Get creative and make your own art
  • Upload it directly to the fanzine