Gears of War eSports announces UK tournament with £15,000 prize

Gears of War eSports teams from across the world will battle it out for a top prize of £15,000 in London later this year.

Professional and amateur teams will compete for a £10,000 prize pool, increasing up to a £15,000 prize pool with 32+ team pass sales.


The top four teams will play in the grand finals in front of a live studio audience in London at the Gfinity Arena & Studios on July 10.

Teams will qualify for the Gfinity Grand Finals through an open tournament hosted the same weekend by Am2Pro. The tournament will be double-elimination Gears of War: Ultimate Edition “Execution” played on standard Gears eSports settings.

Man using Xbox controller and laptop to play games ID@Xbox

Additionally, Major League Gaming will host the Gears eSports MLG North American Open in Columbus, Ohio, at the MLG Arena on July 30 and 31. Up to 32 professional and amateur teams will compete for a $30,000 prize pool.

Online competitions to earn points for seeding and qualification begin May 17 and run until the Last Chance Qualifier on June 25.

For further information on how to register, and purchase spectator and team passes, visit the Gears eSports page. You can also follow @eSportsGears on Twitter for the latest news on Gears of War eSports.