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This month’s latest and greatest apps for Windows Phones

June marks the start of festival season, and as some of the world’s biggest acts head to Britain to entertain the crowds, we’ve rounded up some of the best apps for your Windows Phone to help you party all day.

Must-have apps include Shazam, which allows you to instantly identify music wherever you are, and Spotify, so you can check out all the bands before you hear them live. We’ve also included some practical apps for festival-goers, such as Flashlight to help you survive the dark walk back to your tent, and Drink Water, to ensure you stay hydrated throughout the weekend.

All these and more are available to download on your Windows Phone now.

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Shazam (Free)

 If you’re into music and love being up-to-date on the latest bands, the Shazam app is for you. This free app allows you to recognise songs and tracks wherever you are, so you’ll always know which act is playing and the name of “that song”. Just tap the Shazam button to instantly identify, explore and share music. The app also allows you to buy tracks from the Windows Store and find videos and lyrics, even when you’re offline.

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Spotify (Free)

 Live music is obviously a huge part of the festival experience, but you will also spend a lot of time at your tent once the bands finish playing. The free Spotify app allows you to create and download playlists that are tailored to you and your mood, so you can listen to what you want, when you want. Whether you’re hosting Glastonbury’s hottest after-party or setting the mood ahead of Manchester’s Parklife, Spotify has everything you need.

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Flashlight (Free) 

Getting around a festival campsite can be tricky, especially at night, but luckily the free Flashlight app is here to guide you. Flashlight uses your phone’s front camera light as a torch. Users are also able to set up a timer so the light turns off after a few minutes, so you won’t disturb any sleeping campers.

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Video Editor Maker (Free)

 We wish we could relive some of the live music performances we’ve watched over the years. With the Video Editor Maker app it’s now easier than ever to create slideshows and videos to bring your memories back to life on your Windows Phone. The app allows you to create clips using photos and videos and edit them together, even attaching audio clips in the background and adding different effects to give it a professional finish.

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Drink Water (Free)

 Any seasoned festival goer will know just how important it is to keep hydrated, particularly when the sun is out. A surprising amount of people forget to drink enough water, especially when they’re busy dancing or listening to their favourite band. The Drink Water app reminds you of your recommended water intake every day and tracks just how much you’re drinking. All you need to do is enter your weight and festival environment and the app will work out the amount of water your body requires per day.