MO fanzine art

MØ fanzine created by her fans is released at Glastonbury

A fanzine created by pop singer from works of art sent to her by fans will be available at Glastonbury Festival this weekend.

The Danish star teamed up with Microsoft Surface and OneNote to encourage her followers from across the world to upload photos, paintings and poems to her website.

More than 400 pieces of art from over 30 countries were submitted, with MØ choosing the best ones to print as a physical fanzine – entitled Empty Billboards, Overloaded Minds.

The finished fanzine will be available from stands at selected MØ shows across the world, including Glastonbury, Down the Rabbit Hole, Stavernfestivalen and Roskilde festivals, and fans in more than 25 countries will also distribute it.

Mo Fanzine Art

”I have always been obsessed with the ‘zine culture, so making this ‘zine with friends, supporters and people from all over the globe has been a dream come true,” MØ said. “Seeing all the contributions makes me feel so thankful that these people wanted to share their stuff with me for this ‘zine. This feels so special to me. My fans and I really did this together. It’s our creations in this ‘zine, and we made this together.”

MØ, who is best known for the hit song Lean On, asked her fans to upload artworks based around three themes – The Sea, The Woods and Youth – and the singer then added her own notes.

MO fanzine

MØ works on the fanzine

Despite the release of the fanzine, you can still upload artwork to the MOxSurface OneNote.

MO fanzine artMo fanzine art

MO art fanzine