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A company that specialises in secure IoT data sharing is getting help from Microsoft

A company that helps organisations securely manage large amounts of data is to join Microsoft’s ScaleUp programme in the UK.

Microshare, whose platform is used by energy, transport and software firms, will be given sales, marketing and technical support to help grow the business.

It is estimated that there will be 50 billion internet-connected devices in the world by 2020, all of which will be able to collect and analyze data. Microshare ensures that data is held securely and shared by staff with the right people at the right time.

The company’s solution can be used in any business that collects data. The healthcare sector, for example, produces vast amounts of information that must be held securely while maintaining confidentiality. Microshare’s platform also works with wearable devices and home-based health monitors. Airports can also use the system to analyse data and improve passengers’ experiences while travelling.

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The healthcare sector produces vast amounts of information that must be held securely

“We were impressed with the Microshare proposition and its immediate relevance to the growing IoT data sharing ecosystem,” said Warwick Hill, Managing Director of the Microsoft ScaleUp Program in Western Europe. “We are aligned in our focal point of democratizing AI, data privacy and IoT, and look forward to working together.”

As part of the ScaleUp deal, Microshare, which was founded in the US in 2013, will gain access to Microsoft partners and customers, advice and a roadmap focused on making the most of the Azure cloud platform.

“The ScaleUp programme gives us an opportunity to continue to leverage Microsoft’s global sales team and industry-leading Azure IoT Cloud and Azure IoT Edge,” said Microshare Chief Executive Ron Rock. “This will allow us to win additional new business together and integrate Microshare’s platform into the Microsoft product suite, with a unique position on the Azure Marketplace to enable controlled data sharing at scale.

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The London ScaleUp is just one of eight that Microsoft operates across the globe

“I’m very pleased at the validation this acceptance confers on our technology and our partner-centric delivery model, and at the chance to really scale our business through Microsoft’s established sales channels. We’re excited to see our growing relationship with Microsoft taken to the next level.”

The London ScaleUp is one of eight that Microsoft operates across the globe. So far, the network has helped 730 companies, including secure data management company Egress, analytics firm Quantexa and AI business Rimilia in the UK.