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AI Business School will now show business, government and education leaders what artificial intelligence can do for them

Microsoft has announced an updated version of its AI Business School, which shows people how to use artificial intelligence technology. 

Mitra Azizirad, Corporate VicePresident of Microsoft AI, revealed three big changes to the free, online school during her keynote talk at the company’s Future Decoded event in London. 

She also said companies can soon participate in AI Business School sessions at the Microsoft Store in the UK capital.  

As part of the school’s overall update, the section related to responsible AI will be expanded to show how organisations can put principles into practice. Microsoft will offer a detailed view of its design principles for engineering, as well as a video on which tools can be used to develop responsible AI. There will also be an interview with Matt Fowler, Vice-President at TD Bank Group, who shares insights into his company’s AI transformation. AI expert Cathy Cobey, from EY, will explain how to make governance tangible and measurable. 

Microsoft has also teamed up with education experts such as Michelle Zimmerman, author of Teaching AI: Exploring New Frontiers for Learning, to show how AI can transform classrooms and school processes. 

We know that educators and administrators at every level of education are being asked to do more with less, and AI can help,” Azizirad said. 

Finally, the AI Business School will launch a new module about identifying governing practices for responsible AI in government”, which will feature experts from EY and Altimeter. Microsoft will share examples from governments around the world to shed light on what public officials should consider and how to take action. 

Azizirad said: We launched AI Business School this past spring because we knew AI will be used more and more to help businesses innovate and solve problems, and we wanted to help business leaders be ready to do so with confidence. We recognised that every industry faces its own challenges, and we wanted to provide concrete examples for each of them through tailored information and real-world case studies. 

I believe that helping everyone understand how to better approach AI can be a boon to every industry, and to society at large. I have been overwhelmed by the feedback and engagement with AI Business School, and I am humbled and grateful for the many conversations it has enabled with customers, business leaders and even some of our competitors.” 

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Microsoft’s AI is being used in a range of sectors across the world

AI Business School is the first online learning course on artificial intelligence for business leaders from a top cloud technology provider. 

Lectures and videos, which can be accessed on-demand, feature insights from senior Microsoft staff including Chief Financial Officer Amy Hood, Chief Marketing Officer Chris Capossela and Executive Vice-President Jean-Philippe Courtois. 

The course is comprised of case studies, academic lectures, practical guides, executive perspective videos and technology talks, and new content is added as AI technology evolves. No registration is required, and content can be accessed via mobile devices or desktop PCs. 

Public Health England is one of organisations that has taken part in the AI Business School. 

Professor Isabel Oliver, Director of Research, Translation and Innovation and Deputy Director of Health Improvement, said: “At Public Health England we are conscious of the significant opportunities that artificial intelligence technology brings to help us improve and protect health but we also realise that there are challenges to overcome. A strategic approach to implementing these technologies, augmenting the capabilities of our staff and most importantly, applying AI with responsibility are key to securing the health benefits we seek and we are delighted to have the excellent help from Microsoft AI Business School to help us in this journey.