Angelina Jolie teams up with Microsoft Education and the BBC to give children high-quality journalism

Angelina Jolie has co-produced a weekly show, My World, with Microsoft Education and BBC World Service to deliver impartial and factual stories to children across the world.

The Oscar-winning actress and humanitarian is an executive producer on the programme, which is part of a free, global media literacy and journalist initiative for students.

The project aims to accurately inform children about what is happening around them and bring a deeper understanding of the different issues their peers face in other parts of the world.

“There has never been a time when it was more important to introduce the next generation to objective, impartial and factual explanation of the events and issues shaping our world,” said Jolie. “Children today are exposed to a lot of opinions, but not necessarily to information that is fact-based and reliable.”

The BBC World Service has co-produced the show with Microsoft Education. BBC Learning and Microsoft Education will create a platform with technology such as collaboration tool Teams and video platform Flipgrid to help students share information, create their own content and collaborate with teachers and peers.

“The amount of media spread on the internet has mushroomed in recent years. But not all information is created equal,” said Brad Smith, President of Microsoft. “It’s important that we help young people develop the ability to become discerning learners and consumers of news. This starts in part with providing high quality and unbiased content that expands young people’s global views. Microsoft Education’s partnership with the BBC can play an important role in helping young people develop media literacy.”

Kara Iaconis, Global Head of BBC Learning, added: “BBC Learning is focused on delivering the most compelling education initiatives that develop a generation of students to become future leaders, innovators, and creators.

“We are excited to be able to deliver this powerful and free global initiative, in partnership with a technology leader like Microsoft Education and humanitarian Angelina Jolie, that allows schools to give students the skills they need to navigate a world of unprecedented information.”

Jolie and Brad Smith have previously worked together to set up the KIND charity in the US, which provides free legal services to unaccompanied children involved in immigration proceedings.

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