Currys becomes first Microsoft retail repair partner in the UK

Microsoft Surface customers can now get their laptops repaired with Currys after the retailer became Microsoft’s first official retail repair partner in the UK.

Currys, the electricals retailer on a mission to give technology a longer life, has become Microsoft’s first-ever retail authorised service provider (ASP) in the UK, meaning any customers with Surface laptops have a new pathway to repairing their devices should they need support.

Previously, consumers could only go through Microsoft’s own support channels, but this new partnership means business and consumer customers can also call on Currys’ leading repair capabilities, no matter which retailer they purchased their device from.

This gives users the opportunity to access in-person support at any one of Currys’ 300 stores across the UK and Ireland, before the product is booked in for a technical repair.

In addition to replacing the Surface unit within the warranty period, which was previously handled directly by Microsoft, Currys can now perform repairs in the event of a breakdown. Key Surface components, including the display, thermal module, kickstand, and Surface Connect ports, will be replaceable through their team of over 1,200 expert technicians located in Europe’s largest electricals repair lab in Newark, Nottinghamshire.

Currys’ Chief Operating Officer, Lindsay Haselhurst, said: “At Currys we know that offering customers the right after-sales support when it comes to their tech and ensuring they have the longest life possible is just as important as offering the latest ranges of amazing technology.

“We are proud to be working with Microsoft in this new collaboration which will give thousands of Surface laptop users in the UK a new route to access repairs, as and when they need them, no matter where they purchased their laptop. Users can click here or head into any one of our 300 stores to access support from our award-winning team of expert technicians.”

John Crouch, Surface Category Lead at Microsoft UK, said: “At Microsoft, we are constantly striving to provide our customers with more options and flexibility in how they use our products and services.

“By collaborating with Currys to offer a new UK pathway for Surface support, we believe we can better help our customers achieve their goals through technology.”

The partnership underlines both brands’ commitment to tackling electronic waste. Currys, through their Long Live Your Tech commitment, is one of the leading proponents of a circular technology economy in Europe: repairing, reusing, or recycling three million unwanted electrical items a year.

This activity runs through the same Newark repair lab, where experts meticulously assess 60,000 tonnes of unwanted tech a year: repairing and re-using what they can through reselling items as refurbished on or providing them to low-income families through one of Currys’ charity partnerships. Or, if a repair is not possible, ‘harvesting’ products for valuable component parts (which can then support the repairs of other devices) before being responsibly recycled.

In 2020, Microsoft committed to becoming carbon negative, water positive, and zero waste by 2030 – all while protecting ecosystems and building a Planetary Computer.

Microsoft’s Surface laptops are designed for repairability with more replaceable components and expanded device repair options. By making these devices more repairable, Microsoft is reducing waste and contributing to reductions in their carbon footprint. Microsoft also publishes Ecoprofiles for its devices that include information on product lifecycle assessments and repairability