British Museum

Daisy Group works with The British Museum, The Crown Estate and now Microsoft Azure

Daisy Group, which provides IT services for organisations including The British Museum and The Crown Estate, has agreed a deal with Microsoft to use its cloud platform.

The private UK company will combine using Azure with its own servers, offering a hybrid model that allows customers to store data locally and in the cloud to meet any regulation requirements.

As well as changing how Daisy operates and reducing its own data centre footprint, the move will give the company’s clients access to a range of new services, including machine learning, big data, artificial intelligence and cognitive services.

Cindy Rose, Chief Executive of Microsoft UK, said: “In putting its trust in Microsoft, Daisy Group is not only transforming the services it offers but the very culture of the organisation. This is an important step for both the business and its customers and further demonstrates how Microsoft Azure can enable any business of any size to innovate and scale to any level.”

Based in Nelson, Lancashire, Daisy is one of the UK’s leading business communications and IT service providers, offering website hosting services for customers such as The British Museum. The firm has also helped The Crown Estate, which manages a range of assets for the Royal Family, digitise its vast library of paper documents, meaning title deeds can be accessed in seconds.

Other clients include the Scottish Government, Channel 4 and Celtic Football Club.

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“This is a win-win for Microsoft, Daisy and our customers,” said Daisy Group Chief Executive Neil Muller. “Unlocking the true power of digital is key for all businesses. Microsoft’s Azure offering is the perfect platform upon which progressive businesses can develop, innovate and expand.

“I am delighted that we have been able to grow and intensify our hugely strategic and exciting partnership with Microsoft in this way. I look forward to seeing our collaboration unlock our customers’ limitless potential, and to it delivering us both an exciting future working closely together.”

Microsoft Azure is used by 90% of the 500 largest companies in America, as well as governments and organisations across the world. Based on the principles of security, privacy and transparency, Azure allows companies to store their data in the cloud and access it whenever and whenever they want, helping staff work together.

“Digital transformation is not just about how you optimise your own operations but how you transform the services you offer and the value this creates for your customers,” said Mark Smith, Azure Business Lead at Microsoft UK. “By moving to Azure, Daisy Group is creating a converged solution that enables its customers to take advantage of a host of new digital services, available on demand and at scale that will enable them to fundamentally reshape their own business models.

“It is fantastic to see a traditional managed service provider embracing a new approach that will fuel significant growth for the business and its customers alike.”