Educators can now use SCORM curricula within Microsoft Teams

Colleges across England can now use SCORM learning materials for their students directly through Microsoft Teams.

In a major development for schools, colleges and universities, GO1 have released their app for Microsoft Teams. This will support SCORM, xAPI and other rich learning content packages formats to be accessed within Teams for free.

In 2015, more than half of further education institutions across the UK teamed up to form the Blended Learning Consortium. This allows them to pool their money and purchase a higher quality of learning resources than they could develop on their own. These resources are available to participating colleges within Teams via the GO1 app, which supports complex learning formats like SCORM.

Screenshot of SCORM capability within Microsoft Teams

Esam Baboukhan, E-learning Manager at City of Westminster College, said: “This solution really does provide a seamless experience for our learners without having them log into numerous systems.  The Go1 app is slick and user friendly, and with this Teams news today, I foresee usage will increase. This will offer us the ability to provide engaging and interactive learning for our students. An extra bonus of this solution is that we can upload our own SCORM-compliant material and all of this is provided for free. It’s absolutely brilliant news.”

Using the GO1 app has financial benefits and can improve learning outcomes, for example tracking learner engagement and progress through the resources and enabling rich learning experiences to support remote learning. Microsoft Teams for Education is free for schools, colleges and universities.

Most students have been learning from home after the Government announced measures to combat the spread of Coronavirus in March. Colleges are due to reopen in September. With the virtual classroom features lessons can be delivered remotely or as a hybrid of in-person and remote online teaching using Microsoft Teams.

Chris Rothwell, Director of Education at Microsoft, said: “This is fantastic news for teachers, who can now access high-quality learning content for free via Microsoft Teams. Not only will this save precious money for colleges but it also means that learning content can be delivered to student directly via Teams, whether they are in a classroom or at home.

“We are delighted to be able to support colleges across the country as they prepare to welcome students back in a couple of months’ time.”

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