Forza Horizon 4 screenshot of McLaren Senna and bomber plane overhead

Forza Horizon 4: Five tips to becoming a racing star

Forza is back at it again with its latest release: Forza Horizon 4.

For those unfamiliar with the Horizon series, this is basically Forza Motorsport’s cheeky cousin. Rather than focusing on the hyper-realistic races, Horizon is more arcade, focusing on the fun of racing and the gorgeous, open world.

This world is not only massive but there’s plenty to do, too, from danger signs and bonus board smashing, to speed traps and drift zones. There are Showcase events, and dirt/road/street and cross-country races. There are live events and seasonal events – and after you pass level 20, the seasons change every week.

However, you’ll have to prove your worth in this world in order to live your best Horizon life. So, here are five tips to put you on that path.