Gigantic and Furi: the latest games you should download this weekend

From breaking out of jail to hitting enemies in the face with tennis balls, here are the latest games to download this weekend.

Gigantic (preview)


Gigantic is a five-on-five, player versus player action game. Choose from a huge roster of unique heroes, each with their own spells, weapons and abilities, and summon creatures to fight against enemy teams. Power up your team’s Guardian so it can grow gigantic and help take out the enemy.

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King of Thieves (update)


This update to the popular platformer game has lots of festive features. Every player will get their own Christmas tree, which you move up as you progress through the game. A Christmas screen will show new missions, reward icons, progress and the timer. The Guild will feature a Christmas fireplace, and there will be Christmas icons, outfits and in-game placements throughout.

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You have been thrown in jailed – and the jailer is the key. Fight your way to freedom in this fast-paced sword fighting and shooting game.

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Tennis in the Face

Help former tennis star Pete Pagassi save the city from an evil energy drink corporation – Explodz. Knock out creepy clowns, corrupt riot police and other Explodz-addicted maniacs with a tennis ball in the face. Bounce the ball off walls to reach hiding targets and complete levels to move to the next district and towards your ultimate goal: the destruction of Explodz mega-factory.

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