Microsoft Photos

It’s easy to create an amazing video using Microsoft Photos

Microsoft Photos is designed to inspire educators and students to easily create and tell stories using photos, videos, music, and 3D effects.

Here, we teach you how to start a new video project, edit, add titles and captions, put in music and narration, and experiment with 3D effects.

Importing footage and starting a new project

Learn how to import photos and videos from a phone or camera and start a new video project.

Sequencing and trimming

Learn how to do basic edits like sequencing content and trimming video clips to build the narrative of your project.

Titles and text

Learn how to add titles, captions, and credits to your video project.

Narration and music

Learn how to add music and narration to your video project to tie everything together.

3D objects and effects

Learn how to add 3D objects and special effects to unleash your students’ creativity and capture their imagination.