Legal & General customers can continue to invest in their future thanks to Microsoft Teams

Legal & General customers have been able to manage their investments and still plan for retirement during the pandemic after the company rolled out Microsoft Teams to its staff.

The financial services business, which manages more than £1.2 trillion (as at December 31, 2019) in investments for clients, uses Teams to allow contact centre employees to work from home so they can continue to help customers while away from the office.

Microsoft 365 E5 is used alongside Teams to allow L&G staff to share information securely and stay connected.

Bruce Ingram, Office 365 Delivery Manager at Legal & General, said: “We had contact centre staff who needed to be able to support those customers at a critical point. What we really needed to do was look at a way in which we could create a common tool set and a common way of working, and Microsoft 365 gave us that opportunity.”

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Earlier this year, Legal & General developed their digital workplace on SharePoint, called “The Hub”. This brings together the Microsoft 365 suite as well as keeping employees up to date with company news, keeping the employee base productive and connected.

The Hub saw a significant increase in usage as L&G kept staff informed of their response to the Coronavirus pandemic. Teams spaces, Stream videos and Microsoft 365 assets were embedded in the SharePoint pages to help employees stay connected.

Teams Live Events has also been used to host virtual company-wide events with Legal & General’s Chief Executive, allowing staff from across the world to hear from the organisation’s leaders and ask them questions.

Heather Andrews, Employee Experience Director at Legal & General, said: “The transition that we’ve made has been phenomenal and it feels to me that we won’t go back to the way we were.

“We launched The Hub in SharePoint back in January and we saw quite a significant shift in experience and in the tools available, Microsoft Teams has been an absolute enable for us to continue to run our business.”

Nick Hedderman, Director of Modern Work and Security Business Group UK, said: “From collaborating and meeting in Teams through to creating a secure and compliant location for company sensitive communications, Legal and General has really maximised their investment in Microsoft 365 to enable their teams to be productive, no matter their physical working location. We’re excited to see what other innovations and business practices come next.”