Microsoft and BT announce partnership to shape the future of voice calling

Microsoft and BT have formed a strategic partnership that will drive innovation and growth in the telecoms sector and shape the future of voice calling.

As part of the exciting new agreement, BT’s global managed voice services will transition to the cloud.

The unique partnership paves the way for the development of revolutionary new cloud-based products and services for BT’s voice customers and the wider telecoms sector.

Operator Connect, which supports telecom operators adding their calling plans to Microsoft Teams, will help BT create new business models and revenue streams as it innovates, creates and grows.

BT will offer its managed voice services directly through Microsoft Teams, enhancing communication experiences for customers and creating new opportunities for growth. The number of users of BT’s managed Microsoft Teams collaboration service has almost doubled during the past 12 months. Microsoft’s focus on placing cutting-edge security at the heart of business will be combined with BT’s own expertise and extensive threat intelligence gained from protecting one of the world’s largest global networks to enable and protect modern, collaborative workspaces.

Omar Abbosh, Corporate Vice President of Industry Solutions at Microsoft, said: “The partnership announced today by Microsoft and BT is just the start of an exciting, shared journey of innovation and collaboration that will shape the future of telecoms. By transitioning global managed voice services to the cloud, BT can use Microsoft’s cutting-edge tools to develop new communications services that meet the needs and demands of today’s customers. By aligning our visions for communication, connectivity, security and digital technology, Microsoft and BT will support real growth for businesses across the world.”

Bas Burger, CEO of Global at BT, said: “BT and Microsoft are at the forefront of innovation in global digital platforms and connectivity that will take technology and communication beyond limits. This partnership will ensure all of Microsoft’s solutions work ‘Best on BT’ and support both companies’ commitments to improving digital skills in the community.”