Greg James and Chris Smith (left) creating the story in the Microsoft Store, London

Microsoft Surface helps authors write and release short story for kids on World Book Day

Microsoft has teamed up with children’s authors Greg James and Chris Smith to release a digital short story on YouTube to celebrate World Book Day.

The free story – entitled Stop: That’s Not My Grandma – was co-created in four hours by James, a radio DJ, Smith, children and their families on a Microsoft Surface device.

Stop: That’s Not My Grandma tells the story of two sisters, Amalie and Faith, and their journey to become real-life superheroes. The two girls, along with the help of their family, fight a “Rock Grandma” while using a rocket made from chocolate, to overcome the odds and save the world.

James and Smith teamed up with illustrator David Vignolli, to create the story, with all three using Surface devices in the Microsoft Flagship Store in London.

James and Smith said: “One of the reasons we love writing books for children is that kids have amazing imaginations and they haven’t forgotten how to dream big dreams. We met some amazing storytellers in the store, including two sisters who wanted to fly to the moon. We used them as the heroes of our story, and we’re sure they’ll follow their dreams all the way to space someday. It’s amazing where ambition can take you.”

The first chapter of the story has been released on the Microsoft UK YouTube channel to mark World Book Day. Each of the next three chapters will be released over the next three days, with the final chapter released on Sunday, March 8.