Mixer Embers promotional image

Mixer launches new virtual currency called Embers

Mixer has launched a virtual currency that can be used by viewers of the interactive livestreaming service.

“Embers” can be bought with real money and spent on animated stickers and full-screen effects – called Skills – as well as custom messages that help viewers stand out as they are watching a streamer play a game.

It also offers streamers a more direct way of receiving money, as they receive a fixed amount for every Ember that fans spend on their channel.

It is the latest update Microsoft has announced for Mixer Season 2, which was unveiled two months ago and contained a host of new features.

“The first phase of Season 2 launched in November 2018, and it’s been phenomenal to see the Mixer community’s response,” Chad Gibson, Mixer General Manager, wrote in a blog post. “From launching fun Stickers and Effects to communities rallying around their favourite streamers’ Sparks milestones, we’ve had a blast seeing the community interact in new ways, and we appreciate all the valuable feedback you’ve given us so far. Today, we’re excited to kick off 2019 and the next phase of Season 2 with the launch of Mixer Embers.”

Composite of three Mixer Embers screens

Embers can be used to add effects to streams

Embers can be used alongside the Sparks feature, which are accrued for free by watching streams on Mixer and can also be spent on effects and stickers. However, while streamers must reach Sparks milestones to receive cash bonuses, Embers are a more direct form of “patronage”.

To purchase Embers, click the “Get Embers” button at the top of Mixer.com or select the “Ember +” button in the Skill Tray on the Mixer mobile app or Xbox One app.

Embers will initially be available on Partner channels, and on the Android and iOS mobile apps. “Mixer Embers will roll out to viewers on all platforms next week,” Gibson added.