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Mixer now lets you buy games straight from your favourite livestreams

Mixer fans can now buy games and other content directly from the service when it is recommended by their favourite streamers.

Mixer Direct Purchase lets streamers give their viewers the option of purchasing standard games, special editions or downloadable content and packs that they are watching at that moment.

Streamers will be given 5% of all sales on their channel.

“We consistently hear from gamers that what motivates new game purchases are streamers’ content and recommendations,” Mixer said in a blog post. “For many of us, watching a game stream is the best way to discover new games to enjoy or just to see what an older game is all about for the first time. Streamers often recommend games and downloadable content to their audiences, and we support rewarding them for purchases made based on their recommendation and gameplay. That’s the goal of Mixer Direct Purchase.”

Direct Purchase while watching Minecraft on Mixer

Direct Purchase while watching Minecraft on Mixer

Purchases are conducted entirely within Mixer and are automatically added to the buyer’s Xbox or Windows 10 library, where they can be downloaded at any time. “No separate codes or tokens required,” Mixer added.

More than 5,000 games will be available under Direct Purchase, including Xbox, Windows 10 and Xbox Play Anywhere titles, in addition to downloadable content.

“As always, feedback on Direct Purchase is incredibly important to us,” Mixer wrote in its blog post. “Our goal is to make Mixer a place where streamers can be successful playing the games they love. Mixer Direct Purchase represents the first of many steps we’re making over the coming months towards that goal.”

Gears of War on Mixer

Gears of War on Mixer

It is just the latest feature Mixer has rolled out to fans. In October, it was revealed that Minecraft fans could place items and characters in their friends’ worlds as they watch them play as part of a new partnership with the streaming platform.

The iOS and Android mobile versions of Minecraft also have Mixer built into them, letting people livestream their worlds from their devices wherever they are, without having to log into a separate app.