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PA Consulting helps power AI driven business transformation

PA Consulting (PA) is deepening its collaboration with Microsoft to support organisations to unlock new possibilities and drive transformation through the use of AI and to support clients in maximising their returns from AI capabilities.

This will enable them to weave the technology into the fabric of their organisations, helping to boost overall AI adoption and ROI across industries and sectors. PA is already piloting new AI powered features of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales across internal platforms, using learnings to find innovative new features and use cases which have the potential to transform how PA serves its clients.

Rina Ladva, Global Head of Alliances, PA Consulting, said: “It’s great to be at the forefront of applying AI to our internal processes and to see the real potential it offers to make our clients become more competitive.”

AI-powered business growth

Dynamics 365 Copilot is the world’s first AI copilot that is natively built-in to both CRM and ERP applications. It facilitates seamless tracking and storage of current and potential customers’ information in a centralised system. For example, Sales Copilot generates email replies for sales teams with proposed meeting times and additional prompts to improve email communications with clients. This provides greater productivity and effectiveness through personalised insights, and automation and prioritisation of routine tasks

AI-infused regulatory compliance

When combined with PA’s deep industry expertise and value first approach, Microsoft’s technology is being applied to many use cases. It can identify important relevant documents and legislation updates, and help people spend less time reviewing long technical documentation. This is especially important for compliance teams in industries which have to adapt processes and policies in response to regulatory changes. PA’s new AI Insight accelerator powered by Microsoft Azure automatically detects relevant content, enabling subject matter experts to better focus on risk mitigation. Another area of work is engaging industry CIOs to identify use cases where AI can transform case management and compliance.

AI-ready culture

The key to the expansion of AI is the organisation’s attitude and culture, and a commitment to develop the right mindset and skills to unlock the benefits. PA’s experienced people and change capability experts have learned from PA’s own adoption of Microsoft’s AI technology. This experience means PA and Microsoft’s clients will have the opportunity to benefit from the lessons learned.

Alwin Magimay, Global Head of AI, PA Consulting, said: “Our deep relationship with Microsoft means we can unlock the true potential of AI. It enables us to provide transformational benefits for our clients and we are delighted to be working with Microsoft on this strategic initiative.”

Sophie Gray, Head of Microsoft Business Solutions, UK at Microsoft said: “We’re thrilled to deepen our collaboration with PA. By combining the power of Microsoft’s AI capabilities with PA’s industry expertise and passion, we’re able to deliver transformative AI solutions that will help organisations achieve more.”