Screenshot of Sea of Thieves Smuggler's Fortune, showing a pirate on a ship, alongside birds and monkeys

Parrots for pirates: New update brings pets and more voyages to Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves players can now be accompanied by parrots and monkeys as they tackle new challenges in the latest update to the game.

Released today, Smuggler’s Fortune sees the arrival of the Pirate Emporium, which allows gamers to use real money to purchase a range of cosmetic items so their character can have a more unique look.

Players can choose from multiple parrots and monkeys, which will join them on ships that can now be customised with new liveries. The first livery to be made available is the “Bear and Bird” set, which is inspired by Rare’s classic 1998 game Banjo-Kazooie.

Everything in the Pirate Emporium is purely cosmetic and doesn’t have any impact on abilities, stats or power, ensuring there will always be a level playing field regardless of the amount of money spent.

The update to the popular shared-world adventure title also sees the addition of new “emotes”, allowing players to show off their dance moves and express themselves to other pirates they encounter.

While these features can be collected by spending Ancient Coins, which can be bought with real money from the Xbox Store, other cosmetic items, including new outfits for characters, can be purchased with the existing in-game currency on the Black Market.

Smuggler’s Fortune also sees the introduction of new voyages, which players can embark upon for free. Joe Neate, Executive Producer at Rare, said: “The Rag and Bone voyages offer a special twist on Cargo Runs, setting crews on course for Shipwreck Bay to locate hidden crates which need delivering to various Seaposts.”

These voyages offer players a new opportunity to earn doubloons that can be used in many ways, including buying new outfits on the Black Market.

Rag and Bone voyages are only available for a limited time and will be replaced with a new voyages in next month’s update.

Players will also battle new enemies. Ancient Skeletons and Skeleton Sloops can be attacked to access riches, including the occasional Ancient Coin to invest in cosmetics.