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Save more time with these Office tips: sharing

Fact: People are busy. All the time.

If you’re not at work (or travelling to and from work), then you’re answering emails on your phone. If you’re lucky, you might find time to take a well-earned “break” and mow the lawn or do some DIY around the house.

It’s nice when you find something that makes your life a little easier, and that’s where Microsoft Office can help. Programs such as Outlook, Onerive, Word, PowerPoint and Teams are helping people across the world create, collaborate and communicate.

Here, we give you some tips on how using Office to share work can save you time. You never know, you might get a chance to enjoy that freshly-mowed garden.

Start documents in OneDrive



Copy files from OneDrive to SharePoint to share with your team



Use attachments in Outlook to share documents



Control who you share files with

Sharing content


Share and gather input from your team

share and gather input from your team

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