Sea of Thieves updates to offer new enemies, ships and places to explore, Rare reveals

Sea of Thieves will get new enemies, ships and places to explore in a series of soon-to-be-released updates, the game’s makers have revealed.

The shared-world adventure title, which sees players take on the role of pirates to sail ships, find treasure and battle each other, was released last month and has topped the official charts in the UK.

Its makers, Rare Studios, have now revealed that three updates will be released in the next few months that will add more features.

The Hungering Deep, which will be available in May, will bring “a new AI threat to the world”, Rare wrote in a blog post. “Crews will have to work together to discover and defeat this threat as part of a unique event.”

The update will also feature “new mechanics” to help players in the new adventure, as well as unique rewards. “Beyond this, we will begin our weekly events programme during May, where we introduce new mechanics and give players fun new ways to play with weekly events and rewards,” Rare added.

Over the summer, players will be able to download the Cursed Sails update, which will include a new type of ship, and Forsaken Shores, which will “introduce players to a perilous new part of the world to explore”. Both of these will also include new gameplay mechanics for players, new AI threats and unique rewards.

All three updates will be available for free.

In Sea of Thieves, gamers complete quests from trading companies with the aim of becoming a “pirate legend”. Reaching this milestone unlocks a new section of the game featuring hideouts, special ships and unique treasures.

In a blog post at the end of March, Rare revealed that a million people played Sea of Thieves on the day it was launched; more than 100,000 players had streamed the game, resulting in over 10 million hours watched online; more than 500,000 new Xbox Live friendships had been formed; and over 400,000 people had joined an Xbox Club to share their adventures.