Six quick tips to get more out of Windows 10

Windows 10 is helping people across the world to unleash their creativity and productivity by using immersive new realities, 3D storytelling, closer people connections and cross-device experiences. However, there are lots of quick and easy tips that can help you do more. Here are just six of them.

How to use the Action Center

Press the Windows Key + A to open the Action Center and get quick access to WiFi, Airplane Mode, Night Light and other settings you might change frequently.

How to save battery life

The power slider lets you prioritize battery life if you’re low on power, or performance when you need speed. Click the battery icon or ask Cortana to get started.

How to manage updates

Updates help your PC work as well as possible but they can take time. Learn how to manage updates so you never miss a beat.

How to set up your Onedrive folder

OneDrive makes storing, sharing and saving files across devices easy and quick. Watch this tutorial to see how to get started with OneDrive.

How to quickly add emojis

Just press the Windows Key + the full-stop button and have fun with your favourite emojis.

How to use keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts make it easy to manage all your open windows. Watch our video to see how multitasking is simple with shortcuts.