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The AI Skills Challenge: Achievement unlocked

Do you know your machine learning (ML) from your large language models (LLM)? Artificial intelligence buzzwords are making their way into our everyday language, and as AI is being integrated into solutions across a wide range of industries, people are keen to learn more about it.

A recent study by IDC found that 71% of the people they asked are already using AI tools at their jobs, and 22% are planning to start using them in the next year.

But, there’s a problem: many companies want to use AI more, but they don’t have enough skilled workers. In fact, 52% of those surveyed said that not having enough trained workers is the main thing stopping them from using more AI in their businesses.

Introducing the Microsoft UK AI Skills Challenge

Microsoft has launched the AI Skills Challenge in the UK, a free and immersive online training programme to teach the essentials of AI development.

“As we look to build an AI ready economy we need people to become more curious about artificial intelligence,” says Simon Lambert, Microsoft UK’s Chief Learning Officer. “Every job will soon be supported by AI and we need people, with the right skills, to fill those jobs. That is why we have extended our skills commitment to help support one million people with AI skills by 2025.”

“A great step to get started with your technical skilling is to join our AI Skills Challenge where you can follow learning pathways, watch your progress via a leaderboard and earn badges. It’s a great way to learn and have fun on the way.”

A curiosity for learning

Running until December 27th, the Challenge will teach participants how to use the latest tools and technologies to build smart and scalable applications.

The immersive AI training content is curated across Microsoft products and services with four engaging AI-themed challenges. As you progress through the challenges, you’ll have the chance to explore additional experiences tailored to your learning preferences and goals. Everyone who completes the challenge will receive a skill badge.

“All you need is a computer, an internet connection, and a curiosity for learning. It’s self-paced, so you can learn at your own speed and convenience,” adds Lambert.

To get involved in the challenge, register here

For more information about AI learning and digital skills, you can visit the Microsoft UK Digital Skills Hub. Find out more details on the challenge rules and FAQs here.