The Productivity Trap

Doing enough, achieving enough, proving we are enough – it’s become the mantra we all live by. Our self-worth has become tied to our output.

As we resurface into life as knew it, the cracks are beginning to show. We’re squeezing a ‘should, should, should’ mentality into routines that once made sense and now we feel we’re falling short.

The result? A deep-seated productivity anxiety that threatens to overwhelm us.

At Microsoft we believe it’s time to introduce a healthier, more sustainable relationship with productivity, and the Surface Duo 2 gives us the opportunity to do just that.

Discover how technology, coupled with the advice of renowned productivity and anxiety management experts Dr Rajvinder Samra and Anxiety Josh can help you escape the productivity trap and build a more balanced relationship with achievement…

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Perfectionism itself isn’t a negative trait. Being in the striving camp can serve you, benefit you and enable you to achieve great things. You just have to know when to switch it off

– Dr Rajvinder Samra

Falling Behind

Struggling with the feeling you’re not quite keeping up with work, relationships and to-dos as you settle back into life as you knew it?

Trust us, you’re not alone. Half of us say we’ve never got enough time. We’re trying our best to squeeze back into our old routines, falling short and feeling rubbish.

It’s time for a productivity reset. To celebrate the launch of the Surface Duo 2 we’ve teamed up with renowned anxiety and productivity experts to help release you from the productivity trap to discover your productivity mojo once again…

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To maximise our productivity potential, we need to become as much of a perfectionist about our relaxation time as we are about our work time

– @AnxietyJosh

Name To Tame

For many of us, striving for excellence is in our nature. Our perfectionism has given us our proudest moments and got us to where we are today.

But nearly three-quarters of us have developed an unhealthy relationship with achievement. And it’s beginning to stifle our productivity. We’re focusing on “failures”, procrastinating in the run-up to deadlines and becoming blind to our successes.

Discover how to identify your unhealthy drivers so you can tame, mute and banish them from your life, to unfold a healthier relationship with productivity.

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The Great Escape

Every day that we’re caught in the productivity trap is a day too long. It’s making us anxious, eating at our self-worth and even making us dread the day ahead.

Enough is enough. It’s time to reclaim productivity as a source of enjoyment and fulfilment.

Discover how RECHARGING, RECONFIGURING and REINFORCING can help you reclaim control. And learn how smart, creative use of new technology can establish you as master of your productivity universe again.

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Managing productivity anxiety

Top tips from @AnxietyJosh

  1. Name your unhealthy tendencies to tame them
  2. Let go of “should”. Ask “what do I want?”
  3. Use tech to create a rock-solid routine
  4. Challenge your negative self-talk
  5. Value progress, not perfection
  6. Use tech to lower the (cognitive) load
  7. Build rest into your routine
  8. Reserve “perfection” for when it really matters
  9. Be realistic about your limitations

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Five ways the Surface Duo 2 can help you have a healthier relationship with productivity

  1. Use technology to help you reclaim some “you” time – Get twice more done in half the time with dual-screen technology. Studies show that two screens can give you a 42% productivity boost
  2. Find balance between your work and personal life – Move between work and personal profiles on the Duo 2 so you can choose when to put your work hat on and when to stay focused on friends and family
  3. Learn to switch off at night – Use features like night mode and “Do not Disturb” to wind down at the end of the day and get a good night’s sleep
  4. Multi-task in ways that suit you – Whether you’re taking Teams calls during your commute or browsing online while messaging friends, use two screens to run apps side by side to multi-task on the go
  5. Share the load this Christmas – Use the Microsoft To Do tool to share wishlists, food shopping and restaurant bookings