Tikit moves top legal service Carpe Diem onto Microsoft’s Azure cloud

An award-winning program that enables more than 100,000 legal professionals across the world to keep track of the time they have spent helping clients has moved onto Microsoft’s cloud platform.

Tikit, which supplies technology and services to the legal and accounting sectors and is part of BT Group, said moving Carpe Diem onto Azure provides “additional flexibility, cost control and security measures”.

The move comes after demand from legal firms for an internet-based program to log billable hours.

“Three years ago, we redeveloped Carpe Diem from the ground up and delivered not only a core infrastructure based on new technology but a new agile, mobile interface,” said Mark Garnish, Tikit Chief Technology Officer. “The redevelopment positioned the product to enable a transition to a cloud delivery model and, working closely with Microsoft, we are delighted to announce we have completed the transition.

“In developing Carpe Diem for the cloud, we’ve listened to our global customers and seen increased cloud technology adoption within legal. The time is right to offer users more deployment options and give firms who previously overlooked Carpe Diem a fresh introduction to our leading timekeeping solution.”

Tikit, which will continue to offer the desktop and mobile versions of Carpe Diem, highlighted five reasons why moving to Microsoft Azure was a positive step:

  • It enables law firms to maintain their existing in-house systems without spending more money or using more resources
  • It allows firms to automatically update software seamlessly, eliminating disruptions
  • Carpe Diem members can now be easily added and removed, enabling companies to keep costs under control by only paying for the cloud storage they use
  • Higher system availability and resilience
  • Increased data security

Two law firms are already using the cloud-based Carpe Diem – Kent-based Whitehead Monckton and Bristol’s Gregg Latchams Solicitors – with another two businesses joining in the near future.

Richard Hill, Managing Partner at Gregg Latchams, said the move to the cloud made sense for his business: “We are an agile, innovative firm, so moving a mission critical task such as timekeeping to the cloud provides our professionals with a more flexible, modern user experience, all delivered by a leading brand like Tikit Carpe Diem. It was an easy decision.”

Tikit rolled out the cloud-based Carpe Diem to its own services team in December.