Top marketing intelligence firm 10th Man uses Microsoft’s Azure cloud to unlock the power of data

10th Man, a leading UK marketing intelligence company and data-driven innovator, is using Microsoft’s data tools to provide fast and accurate information to some of the world’s biggest brands.

Headquartered in London, 10th Man is equipping brands such as T-Mobile, Absolut and Colgate with data-driven perspectives to take control of their operations.

Kevin Hewitt, Chief Executive and Founder of 10th Man, said: “We work with the client and agency teams driving billion-dollar brands to rapidly deliver the media and marketing intelligence they need to make decisions quickly, act with confidence and deliver results.”

Highly commercial and consumable, the 10th Man marketing intelligence platform is built on Microsoft technology, from Power BI to multiple facets of the Azure platform, including blob storage, data bricks, data factory, SQL server and Active Directory. This deep integration enables large amounts of data to be securely hosted, ingested, standardised and analysed.

For example, a global drinks brand may want to understand how sales in bars impact sales online or in stores. 10th Man overlays performance marketing data with external sales using Power BI to spot patterns, report insights and continuously optimise campaigns.

Graphs showing the impact 10th Man has

“This enables them to be nimble to the needs of their customers. What used to take them months now takes minutes,” Hewitt added. “That’s thanks to the power and flexibility of Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform. Combining that with the collaboration and communication features of Microsoft Teams has allowed us to unseat the market leader with our unbeatable, innovative service.”

With a commitment to always providing a different perspective and driving innovation across its offering, 10th Man hopes to step up its use of artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities to enable its global clients to access ever more intuitive and prioritised insights to act on.

Michael Wignall, Azure Business Lead for Microsoft UK, said: “Microsoft Azure is designed to handle huge amounts of data and help people unlock insights contained in that information. Azure’s flexibility, elasticity and security make it the perfect choice for anyone with terabytes – or even petabytes – of data. Microsoft’s cloud is helping customers across the world achieve more.”