Women of Xbox release video to encourage diversity in gaming

Women who work for Xbox and its UK game studios have released a video that aims to encourage more diversity in gaming.

Following their first video last October, the Women of Xbox UK group has brought together women from across Xbox to discuss their experiences in the games industry.

Celebrating International Women’s Day, this edition of Women of Xbox UK features Louise O’Connor (Everwild Executive Producer, Rare) in conversation with Mary McGuane (Chief of Staff, Xbox Game Studios), Nina Kristensen (Ninja Theory’s Co-founder and Chief Development Ninja) and Rosemary Buahin (Senior Category Manager for Games, Xbox UK and Ireland).

In this video, Nina Kristensen, McGuane and Buahin discuss how they got into gaming, and their career journeys which have brought them to where they are today. McGuane notes that trying something new and embracing change will always lead to growth, while Buahin stresses the need to “be comfortable with being uncomfortable” when approaching new situations. Kristensen reflects on how the leaders she works with are fundamentally optimistic, and how important this is in challenging times.

The video series aims to help more women get into the industry, celebrate the women already working in gaming and build on Xbox’s commitment to diversity.

You can watch the latest video here, and visit the Rare, Playground Games or Ninja Theory websites to find out more.

Later this month, a Women of Xbox UK podcast will be launched, hosted by Xbox On’s Charleyy Hodson. It will feature women from across Xbox Game Studios and other Xbox teams, and Louise O’Connor will be her first guest.