Fallout bundle featuring white Xbox One X and controller

Xbox is releasing a white Xbox One X and controller for Fallout 76

Microsoft is releasing a white Xbox One X and controller for the first time to mark the release of the latest Fallout game.

The Robot White Special Edition of the world’s most powerful console is part of a new bundle that also includes a copy of Fallout 76, and a white Wireless Controller.

The Xbox One X was released at the end of last year and up until now has only been available in black, with a matching controller.

“The first-ever white Xbox One X includes Bethesda Game Studios’ highly-anticipated new addition to the Fallout universe,” Bree White, Global Product Marketing Manager for Xbox wrote in a blog post that also revealed the release of a white Elite controller.

“The Xbox Elite Wireless Controller – White Special Edition – is the world’s most advanced controller,” she added. “This white redesign of the original, Xbox Elite Wireless Controller is designed to meet the demands of competitive gamers, and helps you customize for your unique style of play. Swap between a variety of metal thumbsticks and D-pads for personalized control that can improve accuracy and speed. Fire faster and save precious time with the flip of the Hair Trigger Locks – ideal for rapid fire gameplay environments where victory is milliseconds away. Additionally, it’s easy to attach and remove additional paddles on the back of the controller.

“Set up the controller the way you prefer by mapping the buttons or paddles to the exact configuration you like through the Xbox Accessories app, like adjusting the trigger minimum and maximum values or changing the thumbstick sensitivities. And, with the Xbox premium Diamond Rubberized Grips, you’ll stay locked on the competition.”

Fallout 76 is the latest instalment in the popular open-world series. The game is only playable online, but the map – located in a post-apocalyptic West Virginia in 2102 – is four times larger than Fallout 4.

The one-terabyte Xbox One X Robot White Special Edition Fallout 76 Bundle will be released on November 16, priced at £449.99. It can be pre-ordered now.