A photo of the Xbox Power Your Dreams immersive experience in London. It shows people lying on individual bed pods as they are surrounded by HD images of gaming scenescapes on the ceiling and walls

Dreaming big with Xbox: The Power Your Dreams experience at the Outernet

In the bustling heart of central London, at one of the busiest times of the year, Xbox is hosting a tranquil experience like no other.

The Power Your Dreams immersive audio-visual experience at the Outernet offers a world where imagination meets reality and is curated by dream psychologist, Ian Wallace.

Inspired by three Xbox titles — Starfield, Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty, and the as yet unreleased Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2 — participants are taken on a journey through different worlds, and encouraged to use their imagination to dream, explore, and create.

The outside of the Outernet at Tottenham Court Road in London, which is hosting the Power Your Dreams immersive Xbox experience.

The outside of the Outernet building in central London, which is hosting the Power Your Dreams immersive Xbox experience. 

“Working with Xbox on the Power Your Dreams experience has been an amazing collaboration,” adds dream psychologist, Ian Wallace. “The dream narration mixed with these powerful visuals really creates an immersive entertainment experience that takes fans into a world of imagination.”

The motivation to unlock your own world in your thoughts

One of the first participants on the opening day was AJ from West London. “I came here to have a cheeky look,” he said. “I love gaming; I’ve always been a PC gamer but this experience has been so immersive and so cool — it showed me more about what to expect from Xbox. I really enjoyed it.”

AJ’s friend Shen, from South London, added: “The vibrance and the transition between stories was excellent. I particularly loved the cityscape immersion.”

The immersive Xbox Power Your Dreams experience in London shows people lying on individual bed pods as they are surrounded by HD images of gaming scenescapes on the ceiling and walls.

Motivational scenescapes as part of the Xbox Power Your Dreams immersive experience.

Steven and Patricia were visiting from the Netherlands and Poland respectively and paid a visit to the installation. Steven said “Lying there you are lost in your thoughts and the visual experience. The fact it was in high quality HD was so good.”

“I noticed there were different storylines within the visuals, some more hidden than others,” observed Patricia. “The storylines and the whole experience was very motivational. Eventually you need to unlock your own world.”

Power Your Dreams: The power of immersive experiences 

After participating in the Power Your Dreams session, visitors are able to play fan-favourite Xbox titles including Forza Motorsport and Halo Infinite. Custom-made private gaming pods provide another style of immersive setting to experience gaming on the Xbox Series X.

A photo of people in the main hall of the Outernet, which shows HD gaming scenescape imagery across the walls and ceiling. In this picture, the imagery is of a large hand pointing toward a person, as they are surrounded by red and grey galaxies.

The main building at The Outernet.

“The immersive technology of the Outernet has brought the power of Xbox Series X to life,” said James Butcher, Xbox Director for Northern Europe. “It’s been great to see so many Xbox fans come through our free Power Your Dreams event, and we hope it provides an entertaining experience amongst the frantic holiday shopping in Central London.”

The event is running until December 2nd at the Outernet, by Tottenham Court Road Station. Charing Cross Road, London, WC2H 8LH.

Pre-book via Eventbrite or try your luck on the day as a walk-in.