Create your own masterpiece with the Surface Pro 3

Create your own masterpiece with the Surface Pro 3

Shakespeare James Mylne
September 05, 2014

Fancy yourself as the next Leonardo da Vinci but not sure how to get started? With the right tools and a little advice anyone can start creating their own masterpiece.

Renowned ballpoint pen artist James Mylne recently swapped his pen and paper for a Surface Pro 3, Surface Pen and the Fresh Paint app to recreate some of the National Portrait Gallery’s most famous artworks including William Shakespeare, Dame Christabel Pankhurst and the Bronte Sisters.

In this video, James provides some tips on how you can create similar works of art using the Fresh Paint app on the Surface Pro 3, and shows the start of his new portrait of acclaimed architect, Sir Christopher Wren.

Although James’ 16 years of experience no doubt helped him to create such extraordinary portraits, his tips for selecting the right canvas, creating the perfect outline and using the right brush for the right purpose will help you get started. So check out the video below for some top tips and to see the start of his new portrait of one of the most highly acclaimed English architects in history, Sir Christopher Wren.

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