What is the most likely cause of data breach?

Did you know that 90% of data breaches happen because software is not up to date? Falling behind with patching updates can leave your business vulnerable to attack.

Ask yourself this: if you knew that burglars had the keys to your front door, would you change the locks? Of course you would, but if you aren’t keeping your software up to date, you are giving cyber criminals the keys to your data.

Software vulnerabilities are a liability for businesses, in fact 99.9% of the time these vulnerabilities are still being exploited over a year after being made public. You can protect your business and avoid these attacks by making sure that your system is always up to date with the most recent patches.

To help raise awareness of the issue, a new video series has been launched by the UK Technology Forum, a cybersecurity partnership between the government and leading technology companies.

If you leave software unpatched, you are gambling with your business:

Taking time to monitor, update and maintain your systems is essential for efficient and secure performance.

To succeed in business companies need to ensure their systems are up to date so they can be relied upon even when they are at full capacity