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In the new Azure Blueprint, Microsoft works harder while you enjoy the cloud

A cloud computing service that slashes the time it takes to move to Microsoft Azure from weeks to just hours has become even easier to use. 

Azure Blueprint provides companies and organisations with a framework to move sensitive data to the cloud, which is generally more cost-effective and reliable than storing information on local servers. 

Microsoft’s solution, which abides by the 14 cloud security principles laid out by the UK government’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) , is now available as a Platform as a Service. This means that Microsoft handles the virtual machines, storage, networking, patching and security, so the Azure user can focus on managing the applications and services they develop to help run their business. 

The blueprint can be used by a public sector organisation, for example, to handle the submission of sensitive data from individuals or help those people with information on government services. 

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Ben Houghton, a Principal Cloud Solution Architect at Microsoft, said: “As our customers grow and change, we are ensuring that Microsoft Azure adapts to their needs. Our cloud service lets business owners focus on their organisation, while our security features offer peace of mind that the information placed in the cloud is protected.  

“We look forward to helping more companies and organisations use the Microsoft Azure blueprint to quickly and easily move to the cloud.” 

In addition, the blueprint now covers Microsoft’s Threat Modelling Tool, which allows software architects to identify and mitigate potential security issues early.

While Azure already meets all the recommendations in the NCSC’s cloud security guidance, which aims to ensure cloud computing and the data in it are safe and secure, Microsoft’s blueprint reinforces that position, making it easier and quicker for organisations to take advantage of the benefits of the Azure cloud for reliabile services and rapid innovation. It also helps customers understand how they may implement safeguards to meet the requirements of each principle where they hold a responsibility. 

A UK Official template has also been released on GitHub, providing a foundation for customers to quickly create workloads in Microsoft Azure. This template delivers a secure hybrid environment that extends an on-premises network to Azure, allowing web-based workloads to be accessed securely by corporate users or from the internet.