Two men in office hold Skype call with female colleague

New Microsoft tool lets you comment on your boss’s presentation as you watch it online

A live-streaming video tool that lets staff ask their chief executives questions during presentations from anywhere in the world has been released in Microsoft 365.

CEOs can create a high-definition live event in Microsoft Stream, Teams or Yammer, invite people to join in and interact with them on mobile or desktop devices.

Viewers can ask questions, raise concerns or suggest ideas using the comment section, and the CEO can respond in real-time. All messages are automatically translated into specified languages using artificial intelligence.

Recordings of the live events can be placed on internal websites, allowing staff to catch up with the talk at a time that suits them. These are also transcribed, while a speaker timeline uses facial detection to identify who is talking, so viewers can easily jump to a particular section of the recording.

Hosting the live event in Yammer lets everyone see the number of views for a recording and how many people liked the video.

“Today, executives at Microsoft – including CEO Satya Nadella – use Microsoft 365 to connect and communicate with employees around the globe,” Lori Wright, General Manager for Microsoft Teams and Skype, wrote in a blog post. “Now, any company or organization with Microsoft 365 can create these moments of high engagement, where people are focused on leaders and their messages and ask questions to clarify or reinforce conversations in the community.

“More than ever before, employees in the modern workplace seek work environments that unlock creativity, make their lives more productive and fulfilling, and foster a sense of connection with their organization’s mission and purpose.


“A critical first step for your organization to thrive in this new culture of work is to drive alignment of your people around shared purpose and goals. Leaders realize that organizations who do this well have an advantage in attracting and retaining an engaged workforce.”

The live event tool is available in preview now, with general availability expected later this year following the introduction of new features and functionality.